Touchpad Windows

The most popular operating system for modern notebooks is Microsoft Windows. There are few versions of Windows OS that are currently in use: Windows XP, Windows Visa, Windows 7.

Windows XP is good for netbooks and low-end laptops. Windows Vista is almost fully replaced by Windows 7. Computers with 4GB of operating memory or more, usually work under 64 bit edition of Windows 7.

The standard input devices for common notebooks are keyboard and touchpad (trackpad). Some laptop manufacturers (HP, Lenovo, and Sony) additionally place a pointing stick (TrackPoint or Touchstyk) manipulator. But TouchPad is a de facto standard sensor to control mouse cursor in current notebooks for Windows operation system.

Windows Software for Touchpad

Touchpad Blocker software solves a problem of accidental clicks and cursor jumping on laptops under Windows operating system by disabling the touchpad for a small period if some keyboard button has been pressed.

Touchpad Blocker software for Touchpad Windows

You can manage the delay and specify keyboard shortcut to turn touchpad blocking on and off in Windows system.

Download touchpad software for Windows right now. It's absolutely free, either for personal or business purposes:

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