Touchpad too sensitive

Sensitive touchpads are great for easy cursor moving and multi-touch gestures, but their sensitivity is a reason of the problem of accidental taps and clicks, especially while typing a text.

Touchpad sensitivity is controlled by a software driver. Some notebook models have a special Control Panel applet to make sensors more or less sensitive. Try to decrease sensitivity of your touch panel, maybe this will solve the problem.

Anyway, there is a solution to automatically block the touchpad to prevent accidental clicks while typing.

Software for sensitive touchpads

Touchpad Blocker software solves problem of too sencetive touchpads by disabling the sensor for a period (less than second) if some key has been pressed. This trick absolutely removes the problem of jumping cursor by accidental taps and clicks.

Touchpad Blocker software for sensitive touch pads

You can change the delay and a keyboard shortcut to turn touchpad blocking on and off as you wish.

Download software for sensitive touchpads right now. It's absolutely free, either for personal or business purposes:

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