Touchpad tapping

Touchpad is a pointing device to control the cursor on notebooks. Tapping is a light click with a finger on a sensor panel.

Tapping the pad by single finger may be interpreted as a click ("tap-to-click"). A tap followed by a continuous pointing motion ("click-and-a-half") can be used for dragging. Taping with two fingers (on multi-touch touchpad) is interpreted as a middle mouse button click or brings up a context menu.

Tapping is a very useful technique to perform user input without clicking real buttons. Some modern touch-pad devices don't have a hardware buttons at all. So tapping becomes a standard way to operate the touchpad.

Software for Touchpad tapping

Tapping is useful and popular, but accidental tapping while you are typing text is a huge problem. The cursor may jump to another part of text, popup could catch the input focus, and so on.

Touchpad Blocker software solves a problem by disabling the touchpad for a small period if some keyboard button has been pressed.

Touchpad Blocker software for Touchpad tapping

You can change the delay and the keyboard shortcut to enable and disable touchpad blocking on a fly.

Download touchpad tapping software right now. It's absolutely free, either for personal or business purposes:

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