Netbook touchpad

Netbook is a small notebook without a disc driver. First netbooks were low-end computers, but modern netbooks, especially with SSD (Flash) disk and discrete graphic card, often faster than usual laptops. Moreover, all netbooks have a small power consumption, so 8-10 hours of portable work is a common thing now.

Netbooks are small in size, but even 9" models have a touchpad sensor to control the cursor. Touchpad is the best manipulator for mobile devices like netbooks. It is integrated and doesn't require any wire or adapter. Apart from emulation of all mouse features, touchpad allows the user to perform different actions by multi-touch gestures.

So netbook with touchpad is a great mobile solution, either to work outside or to take a small computer into journey.

Netbook touchpad software

Touchpad Blocker software solves a problem of accidental touchpad clicks by disabling the touchpad for a small period if some keyboard button has been pressed.

Touchpad Blocker software for Netbook touchpad

Download netbook touchpad software right now. It's absolutely free, either for personal or business purposes:

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