Compact SIM card holder

Perfect for Mini SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM and Micro SD cards

Credit card sized SIM card organizer that fits your wallet

Keep all your SIM cards safe in your wallet or pocket with this super slim holder

Thinniest SIM Cards holder on the market
Nano SIM, Micro SIM, Mini SIM, and Micro SD flash cards holder

Mini, Micro, Nano

The card holder has slots for Mini SIM (old phones and adapters), Micro SIM (common smartphones), Nano SIM (iPhone/iPad), and even for Micro SD flash card.

The thinnest on the market

Almost as slim as a credit card, less than 2mm thick. Can be made of plastic, plexiglass or metal. A variety of customizations available.

Credit card sized

Standard credit card shape and size fits any pocket, wallet or card holder.

How did this thing appear?

We've invented it after few discussions at Facebook :)

  • Question about SIM card storage in the pocket


    Question at Facebook

    KARPOLAN post the question at Facebook:
    Need a plastic card of the standard size, where I can insert 5-10 SIM cards to store them. Ideally, that the size adapters could be taken out of it. Where to get or how to cut?
    P.S. Should we go to #KickStarter with this idea?

  • 3 SIM + 4 Micro SIM + 1 SD + 2 MicroSD card holder


    First plastic version

    Some blueprints, brainstorm at Facebook - and the first prototype was printed on a 3D printer by Ivan Luginets

  • Matching in phisical sizes for Mini SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM and microSD cards


    Size matters :)

    After some research we found out that SIM and SD cards are matching each other :)

  • Creating the prototype of thin SIM holder using old credit card, paper, clip and glue


    Paper workshop

    On weekend, KARPOLAN was inventing a different concept of the cardholder. He created prototype using old credit card, paper, clip and glue :)

  • Protoype of thinnest SIM holder created by KARPOLAN


    The thinnest card holder ever!

    Mission complete! Handmade SIM-card holder protoype is only 1.5mm thick!

  • 3 Mini SIM + 4 Micro SIM or 6 Nano Sim + 4 Micro SD card holder


    Plastic ver 2.0

    Ivan replaced the huge SD card slot with 2 combo-slots for Micro/Nano SIM and added clip for iPhone/iPad to the plastic holder.

  • Thin card holder for Mini SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM, micro SD is created using 3d printer


    Thin card-holder in plastic

    We’ve printed the thin SIM card holder on a 3d printer. Looks like this is the most compact credit-card sized holder for SIM and SD cards on the market!

  • Purchase SIM card holder on-line


    Website started

    This website has been started. You can pre-order the SIM/SD card holder and purchse some other cool things™ right now.